HealthCall provide clients with a case management service to assist you with some of the more complex aspects of your care needs. This may include facilitation and advocacy for options and services to meet your needs through effective communication and available resources to promote quality, cost-effective solutions.

The role of your case manager is to assist you with identifying your care needs and creating a care plan through to regularly monitoring your plan and evaluating your outcomes. Your case manager may also advocate on your behalf to ensure that your rights and specific needs are addressed and satisfactory, sustainable solutions and outcomes are achieved.

An important role of your case manager is to facilitate personal development by addressing your specific needs and providing the tools to achieve your agreed goals.

Our case management approach is client centred, evidence and strengths based, holistic, inclusive and practiced in collaboration with your funding body. Your case manager will take into careful consideration your aspirations, expectations, motivations, preferences and values when matching individual, diverse and special needs with available resources, services and supports.

The primary focus of case management is to promote your strengths, aptitudes and skills while recognising your unique talents and life experiences in addition to any specific unmet needs.

Our case managers adhere to a Code of Ethics and comply with all industry legislation standards ensuring a consistent level of quality service.