Occupational Health & Safety

Our Commitment

Australian HealthCall Group is committed to protecting the health and safety of all our employees.  Injury and illness is needless, costly and preventable. As a responsible employer, we accept our obligation to provide you a safe working environment.  You are also obliged to take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and all other staff members.  Our company will consult our employees in implementing safety practices and systems that will ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees.  Employee involvement at all levels is critical for ensuring a safe workplace.
A survey conducted with our staff in February 2009 resulted in the majority of the staff voting for maintaining the current system of managing OH&S issues, ie Other Agreed Arrangements.

Other Agreed Arrangements

All staff are required to promptly report risks, hazards and injuries to us and to the facility where the incident arose or the risk/hazard was identified.  The initial notification is to be made by phoning the Pymble Office on (02) 9988 4588.  An Incident Form or Hazard Report Form is to be completed, at the time, by either the coordinator recording the verbal report on the appropriate form or by the staff member completing and forwarding the appropriate form to the office.   Each Incident and Hazard report is investigated promptly by the Administration Manager and the Senior Coordinators, or initially by the General Manager if the report is after hours.  Corrective action suitable to control or eliminate risks is discussed with the staff member, the facility and the above-mentioned staff.  The best determined corrective action is recorded.   All reports are collated weekly, and reviewed at monthly meetings. Statistics are kept on the number of incidents, near misses, injuries and workers compensation claims.

How Employees will be Consulted about OHS

Feedback from Employees

Feedback is sought from all employees re OHS issues.
Employees should draw to the attention of Australian HealthCall Group any health and safety concerns that they have about the workplace so that the issue can be promptly addressed.Staff are encouraged to email safety@healthcall.com.au or to write, fax or phone the Pymble office on (02) 9988 4588.
A box is available at the front reception area for staff to lodge suggestions or questions regarding safety in the workplace.All concerns, suggestions or questions will be reviewed in the monthly meetings and feedback provided.

Feedback to Employees

Feedback to employees on the outcomes of investigations and meetings is provided:

  1. Directly by phone where appropriate to an individual employee
  2. By emails from safety@healthcall.com.au
  3. In the Quarterly Newsletter
  4. On rosters
  5. On payslips


Establishment of Consultation Process

Staff were sent a letter from the General Manager in February 2009 advising them of Australian HealthCall Group’s commitment to the health and safety of our employees.  Their input in the process of “Consultation” was sought.   Staff were advised that the method of consultation agreed upon by the majority of the respondents is “Other Agreed Arrangements”.  The Consultation Statement was circulated on 24 April 2009.

Review of Consultation Arrangements

Australian HealthCall Group will monitor and review these OHS consultation arrangements on an on-going basis to ensure that the consultation with all employees is effective and that all safety issues are being addressed.