HealthCall ensures that all staff are qualified for the roles that they are employed for

All professional registration is required to be current for Registered and Enrolled Nurses.

Nurses are unable to practice without a current annual practicing certificate which is provided under strict regulation by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.


Additional Educational Requirements

  • Registered Nurses are also required to successfully complete medication
    calculation competencies before commencing with HealthCall.
  • On-line competencies are also required to be completed by all staff annually
    to maintain a high standard of care according to HealthCall policy.
  • Each of our staff are required to attend an annual Occupational Health & Safety Course
  • Support Workers are all required to have First Aid Certificates.

You can, therefore, be confident that HealthCall staff are adequately trained, competent
and prepared for their roles as nursing and support staff.

Continuing Professional Development for Nurses.

From July 2010, new standards for registration are being implemented and Nurses will all be required to complete continuing professional education so that they can re-register with their professional nurses board.

All Nurses are now required to complete 20 hours of additional relevant nurse education to be able to maintain their registration.

Australian HealthCall Group has developed some exciting initiatives in 2010 for our nurses including education sessions on a range of topics pertinent to their practice. We believe that this encourages our staff to be up to date with the latest practice while enabling them to gain professional development points that go toward their annual requirements for registration.