Please note: This complaints procedure only relates to clients in Queensland for services that are being delivered by the HealthCall Group. All other complaints are now handeled by Wellways Australia. Please refer to the Wellways contact form in this instance.

Australian HealthCall Group’s complaints procedure has been developed to ensure that any complaint
is dealt with promptly and effectively.

The process is as follows:

  1. We contact the complainant and obtain a full account of the matter within 24 hours of the complaint being lodged.
  2. Staff advise the Administration Manager and the General Manager during business hours.
  3. If more urgent contact the General Manager after hours on the mobile phone.
  4. GM of elected representative consults with all staff, any relevant people and external agencies involved in the matter.
  5. The issue is reviewed and outcomes/recommendations are made by the General Manager.
  6. The result of the investigation is disseminated and signed for all relevant parties.
  7. A copy is maintained in the staff/client file and incident file.
  8. A letter is sent to the complainant outlining the findings and the resolution.
  9. All outcomes of the investigation be they disciplinary, safety or other are dealt with in the appropriate manner and documented in the incident file or staff/client file.
  10. If the outcome requires Mandatory Notification of the police, registration board etc this is carried out by the General Manager.
  11. All aspects of the investigation are treated as confidential.
  12. Australian Healthcall Group uses complaints as a mechanism to review processes and to implement improvements for the future.
  13. Consideration is to be given if there is a need to raise a Corrective Action and Preventative Action Form.

Our Complaints Management Policy and Procedure can be viewed here. The Complaints Procedure for Service Users can be viewed here.